Reminder: Organ-on-Chip showcases call still open for application

Stimulating the early phase in Organ-on-Chip technology development

New programme and call

Within this new HHOOCS programme, interdisciplinary consortia of companies, recognised knowledge institutions, patient organisations and/or health foundations are invited to apply for financial support to develop an Organ-on-Chip showcase that integrates human stem cell or organoid in vitro cultures and/or microfluidics technology. The financial support is part of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Allowance of the Top Sector. The programme aims at developing showcases for specific organ or tissue functionalities which qualify for further research funding. The deadline for submission is 14 January 2019.

Interested in the research programme and the requirements for application?

Follow-up to the Big Data & Health call: Getting in contact with the end user

Conversations between innovators and end users 

During a well-attended event that was a follow-up to the Big Data & Health call on early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the innovators and end users got in touch. It started with a short introduction of the overall research programme and an interview: Inge Schalkers of Harteraad, the association for people with cardiovascular diseases and Frans de Roy from Zuydewijn as end user (he is a member of the societal quality committee of the Dutch Heart Foundation). During the interview, it became clear how vital patient participation is for establishing a successful research programme. An excellent example was given about why the input of end users is important for the feasibility of the research ideas. In the case given, the research concerned could not be used well in daily practice and was therefore ended early. If the researcher had involved the end user when setting up the programme, these daily restrictions would have been detected earlier. Bearing this thought in mind, the follow-up meeting on 8 October was organised early in the setup phase of the research proposals.

In the Bartholomeus hospice in Utrecht –an event location and a nursing home– 50 end users and 15 project groups were welcomed. The group of 50 end users was a fair representation of patients, citizens and healthcare professionals.

Innovative meeting

After the introduction of the programme and the interview, the 15 researchers gave a brief pitch about their research plans after which the end users could talk with the researchers about the proposals in two sessions of 30 minutes. The atmosphere between the researchers and end users was good and the end users gave plenty of input. Even during the dinner and closing drinks, the conversation about the research projects kept going. Such meetings are rarely organised even though the involvement of the end users in the setup phase is crucial.

Big Data & Health

NWO, ZonMw, the Dutch Heart Foundation, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Netherlands eScience Center, and the Top Sectors ICT, Creative Industry, and Life Sciences & Health (LSH) have launched the public-private partnership (PPP) research programme “Big Data & Health”. This programme focuses on the use of big data for an early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It also wants to stimulate interdisciplinary consortia of relevant research fields, industry, healthcare professionals and the end user.

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