Access to Funding

Continuous growth of public-private partnership potential in the Dutch LSH sector

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) supports innovative research realised by public-private partnerships (PPP) in the life sciences and health sector. With the ongoing Match Call, research organisations, health foundations and companies (startups, SMEs and industry) are invited to jointly invest in research and development (R&D) for the benefit of evidence-based innovation and to help build a strong and sustainable LSH sector that contributes to the global challenge ‘Health and Care’.

Financial potential Top Sector LSH rapidly increases

Due to the growing LSH sector and better familiarity with the PPP Allowance regulation of the Top Sector LSH, the financial potential of the PPP Allowance has increased exponentially: from €4M in 2013 to almost €38M in 2017. This substantial increase in financial resources gives the Top Sector the possibility to invest in more PPP projects (already over 130 funded projects) and large LSH consortia like Oncode Institute, RegMed XB or the 'Beter Gezond' programme that aim to tackle diseases by large-scale research and treatment programmes. One way of doing this is through the Match Call.

New application deadlines Match Call

All incoming applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee and the board of the Top Sector LSH at set moments per year. The third Match Call deadline is 4 October 2017. In 2018, the first application deadline will be 5 March. So please note these dates in your diaries so that you can apply on time.

Every Match Call application must satisfy at least the following requirements:

  • The research fits within the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018-2021 (KIA) and is of high quality.
  • The consortium consists of at least one company and one research organisation.
  • All consortium partners contribute in cash and/or in kind.
  • All consortium partners will jointly bear the costs and risks of realising the project.
  • All consortium partners make a substantial contribution with respect to the project’s content.
  • The project covers fundamental research, industrial research, experimental development, or a combination of these.
  • The project has a maximum duration of 5 years.

More information?

All research and knowledge institutes, LSH companies and health foundations are invited to increase this financial potential even further in 2018. Please contact the Top Sector’s executive office via for more information and requirements on how to generate your own resources or how to apply for the Match Call. And in the meantime gain some inspiration by checking out the R&D projects on the Health~Holland website!

More information on the PPP Allowance