New Health~Holland tools available for international LSH representation

Let’s spread the word together with the updated Health~Holland branding

The Dutch life sciences and health sector is one of the best in the world. That is partly due to our  good and accessible healthcare, which is constantly ranked high internationally. The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) aims to contribute to the LSH sector’s success by joining forces and uniting partners along the prevention-cure-care (value) chain. All of these efforts have a clear mission: vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy. By attracting funding, sharing best practices, playing a connective role and communicating as one voice through the Health~Holland branding, the Top Sector is boosting a productive infrastructure at both the national and international levels.

Although the Netherlands is a small country many impressive developments take place here. Developments and innovation that must be disseminated worldwide to promote one clear image of the Dutch LSH sector: Shared Challenges, Smart Solutions.

Let’s spread the word together

We must speak with one voice to so that we can realise a strong international representation of our LSH sector and the smart solutions we bring. Health~Holland has therefore developed communication tools that companies, knowledge institutes and the Dutch government can use abroad. Recently, some new tools has been added to the Health~Holland branding including a motion graphic, infographic, presentation template, factsheet and content sheet on eHealth. These useful tools can be used free of charge by anybody who wants to spread the word about the Dutch LSH sector.

This upgraded toolkit can be found at the Health~Holland website. For questions on the tools please contact the Health~Holland Office.

Watch the new video on the Dutch LSH sector for international representation