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Watch the Health~Holland webinar on PPP Allowance

Everything you always wanted to know about PPP Allowance, but were afraid to ask

How can your organisation benefit from the public-private partnership (PPP) Allowance of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH)? And what do you have to do to qualify for this allowance? These were the two principle questions during the Health~Holland webinar. Seasoned biotech entrepreneur Hans Schikan and operational director of Top Sector LSH Ernst Nagel unravelled the basics of the PPP Allowance. They answered questions from the audience about the requirements and the application process.

Researchers and companies active in the life sciences and health sector are continuously searching for suitable ways to fund their R&D. When both parties are collectively working in a consortium, Top Sector LSH provides them with the PPP Allowance (formerly known as TKI Allowance) to fund their innovative R&D.

During the webinar more information was provided on whether the instrument is suitable for specific R&D projects, what it entails for an organisation and their consortium partners, what the requirements are, and how to submit a proposal. With the aim of poll questions the audience could indicate to what extent they were aware of the various funding opportunities. In addition, the audience had the opportunity to send in questions via the chat room. Several of the questions were presented to the hosts and were discussed centrally.

The webinar is an informative, accessible way to inform organisations about the funding possibilities from the Top Sector LSH. The webinar is also now available online via this online link (broadcast language: Dutch).

More information on the PPP Allowance in an animation

Remember the deadlines of the PPP Allowance application: 17 May & 4 October