Health~Holland Update May 2015

This magazine highlights a few examples of developments and activities of the top sector Life Sciences & Health since the previous update of March 2015. In this edition you can watch videos of companies that use Venture Capital. Read about the upcoming new MIT call specifically for SMEs. Find a report of the strategic mission to Germany and Denmark with His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima. See the success of international knowledge exchange and cross-over innovation. And find more information about upcoming events, such as the Dutch Life Sciences SME event and the BIO International Convention.


Inspiring meetings with the sector

Since my start as chairman of the top team LSH in February, I’ve been very active in listening and learning about the details of the Life Sciences & Health sector and the way the top sector operates. For me, two elements caught most of my attention: the “Knowledge and Innovation Agenda” and the field trip to the United Arabic Emirates (UAE).

In the past months, the activities of the top team and executive office were mainly dedicated to the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Health~Holland 2016-2019 (K&I Agenda H~H ’16-’19). This Agenda will demonstrate the sectors’ vitality and ambitions and sets out the strategy for the coming years with a focus on scientific research, development and innovation (RD&I) in order to fuel society, economy and science.

"It is truly inspiring to see how many people are willing to help us  to formulate this agenda." 

We received input from many of you via personal meetings, e-mail and telephone. We were happy to welcome over 50 board members of a variety of Life Sciences & Health organisations for in-depth discussions during our invitational meeting 30 April in The Hague. The outcomes of these consultations will be  incorporated in the next draft of the K&I Agenda. And, all the more so, in the final version of the K&I Agenda when we, on behalf of all of you, present the document to the Ministry of Economic Affairs the 1st of June.

During the explorative field trip to the UAE, I’ve learned a lot about the opportunities this area offers, but also about the way we need to present ourselves as the Netherlands abroad. Seeking synergy between the various parties in our sector, before we embark on a mission, and bringing one proposition is a very important subject that will significantly increase our efficacy.   

Of course, many other developments happened in the sector. I am happy to present you some highlights of our activities.

With kind regards,

Jan Raaijmakers
Chairman of the top team Life Sciences & Health