Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

Upon invitation by Health~Holland, 60 stakeholders and partners visited the ZonMw building for a three-hour consultation session concerning the Knowledge and Innovation (K&I) Agenda 2016-2019 on 30 April 2015. During this meeting the Agenda Draft 002 was debated and updated  by the attendees under the elegant moderation of representatives of the sector partners. This K&I Agenda holds the sectors’ strategic headlines for the coming years and will be further operationalized in detail with all stakeholders and partners in the top sectors’ Knowledge and Innovation Contract 2016-2017 during the months June-September

The meeting of 30 April started with a short plenary opening moderated by Colja Laane (Health~Holland) with presentations of Angelique Berg (DG, VWS) and Jan Raaijmakers (Chairman of the top sector LSH), ending with an interview of representatives of Society, Henk Hendrix (Brabant Medical School), Industry, Hans Sijbesma (Nefarma) and (Entrepreneurial) Science, Peter Luijten (CCTM).

Next, all attendees debated  in two group sessions about the content of the K&I Agenda. In between, all were invited to take a discussion-walk in couples to further elaborate on the Agenda. The lively and vivid insights and criticisms of those present are currently converted into the Draft 003 of the Agenda by the Health~Holland executive office. 

Frequently mentioned aspects the 30th dealt with the contextual focus within the Agenda, the connective role of the top sector, the regional contribution, the strengthening of (de)implementation and finances of the top sector in general. 

Besides these aspects, the attendees inspired the top sector to make a more firm and decisive international impression via this Agenda, in order to live up to the standards and worldwide image of the Dutch LSH-industry and its scientific reputation.  

Next Steps

The third version of the K&I Agenda 2016-2019 will be published on the website the 11th of May 2015. New contributions and input can be bundled and send to Nico van Meeteren until 18 May 2015 at the latest. Thereafter a final consultation by the executive office of the top sector board, top team and steering group of H~H will be carried out closing the 22th of May. After final adjustments the final K&I Agenda H~H 2016-2019 will be handed over the 1st of June 2015 to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

On behalf of the top sector board and the top team we thank all partners and stakeholders for their inspiring, positive and at the same time critical and constructive input and debate, via meetings, e-mail and telephone. The executive office, board, top team and steering group are heavily privileged with all of these comments that, again, demonstrate the strength and involvement of the sector as a whole.