​Access to funding


Improved MIT-arrangement for innovative SMEs - call opens 19 May 2015

As of 19 May 2015 innovative SMEs can apply for subsidy from the SME innovation stimulation region and top sectors (MIT). The government and the regions made 50 million euros available for this arrangement. The top sector LSH adds extra funding to this arrangement for SMEs in the LSH sector.  

The unique characteristic of the MIT-arrangement is the cooperation between the national government, regional parties and SME the Netherlands. This results not only in more support for SMEs, but also in a wider reach and a trigger and stimulation to innovate. 


The MIT-arrangement 2015 has four instruments. An entrepreneur can be considered for maximum one instrument.

  • Knowledge vouchers: obtaining knowledge at a knowledge institution;
  • Consulting: obtaining knowledge at a knowledge institution or indepedent consultancy;
  • Feasability projects: mapping technical and economic risks as well as opportunities for a project;
  • R&D cooperation projects: knowledge sharing with independent partners for the renewal of products, services or production processes.

More information (in Dutch) at www.rvo.nl/mit 

European Regional Development Fund

In addition to the regular funding opportunities, it can be useful to look into the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO in Dutch). The fund uses European money topped up with money from national, provincial or even metropolitan areas. The total amount of financing sums up to 500 million to 600 million euros for 2014-2020. This time period has already started. The different regions in the Netherlands (North, West, East and South) all have their own policy and instruments. The Ministry of Economic Affairs coordinates the expenditures of the budgets.

Visit the regional websites for more information and up-to-date information on calls and subsidies:

- South: www.op-zuid.nl
- North: www.snn.eu
- East: www.op-oost.eu
- West: www.kansenvoorwest.nl