Access to funding

Venture capital

Innovation in healthcare requires money. An important way of funding innovation is by means of venture capital. Venture capital is financial capital that is funded to early-stage, high-potential start-up companies. Venture capital funds connect investors to inventors.

There are many venture capital funds that invest in the Life Sciences & Health sector. As one of Europe's largest healthcare investment firms, Life Sciences Partners (LSP) has great experience in helping young inventive companies. Not only by providing capital, but also with strategic, clinical, operational, financial and commercial guidance and support. René Kuijten, General Partner at LSP and member of the steering group LSH: 

"The goal of inventors is to develop products and technologies that have a positive impact on society. Our objective is to help inventors achieve their goals."

LSP attracts investors from a wide range of backgrounds and origins. They all look to gain exposure to the healthcare sector via our investment funds. Our funds vary depending on their size, liquidity, level of risk and duration. Investors, be they private individuals, institutional investors, wealth managers or strategic partners, invest in some or all of our products, depending on their own strategy and preferences. Kuijten:

"The combination of contributing to society and the prospect of associated financial returns is why investors entrust LSP to invest their capital."

Watch the videos on the left to learn how Ton Logtenberg, CEO of Merus, and Erik van den Berg, CEO of AM-Pharma found their way in funding their companies with venture capital.