Foreword of Jan Raaijmakers

Fruitful soil for sustainable partnerships

As Top Sector policy stands for stimulating partnerships we are continuously looking to establish new sector-related connections. And we are even keener to set up groundbreaking research and make these work so as to ensure the progress and innovative power of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector.

Calls for proposals are frequently used to stimulate partnerships. Public and private partners can now submit proposals to various open calls. First of all the new ‘Beter Gezond’ call where health funds and Top Sector LSH have joined forces on innovative solutions that cut across diseases. Second is the enhanced Enabling Technology Hotels where early-career researchers without a private partner have the opportunity to acquire funding as well. Thanks to this call they can now make use of high-end technologies that were previously unavailable to them. This is fruitful soil in which new partnerships can grow.

In addition, we are working on creating collaborations with and between regions. One example of this is the annual regional meeting where we jointly want to build on activities in the sector. A great example of large regional partnerships is RegMedXB (Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders). This large public-private partnership started with dedicated moonshots on osteoarthritis, kidney disease, and diabetes. Such goal-oriented collaboration can be made across regional borders. We hope to facilitate much more of these fertile and sustainable connections.

Top Sector LSH crosses not just regional borders. International connections are also made by visiting international events together with business partners. Examples are ConhIT, Hospitalar, the mission to Kenya, or the upcoming BIO International in San Diego. So make sure you get your message in the new Health~Holland Guide that will be compiled shortly.

Curious to find out more about the connections being made? Then please read further and be inspired this summer by the existing partnerships described in this issue of Health~Holland Update.

  With kind regards,

  Jan Raaijmakers
  Chairman of the Top Team Life Sciences &   

Health~Holland Update June 2017
With this summer Update of 2017 we inform you about the latest developments in the Top Sector LSH. Read about the Venture Challenge winner and the new Advisory Board. Check out open calls like ‘Beter Gezond’ or Enabling Technology Hotels. Or read about the potential of the PPP Allowance for an SME, the power of a Value Voucher, or the Eurostars programme. We also emphasis international collaborations and events like the ConhIT, Hospitalar or Knowledge for Growth. And you can become inspired by opportunities like national networking at the Dutch Biotech Event, NRC Live sessions and many more.