Foreword of Nico van meeteren

Diagnosis: ‘Spring’

It’s spring. It definitely is springtime! Symptoms all over. Nature sprouts. Apoptosis of night hours. Temperature rises. Sun penetrates, brightening hot spots in acres and upon roofs. Winter coats seek survival by swallowing copious amounts of mothballs. For sure, it’s the spring!

And what about our Top Sector LSH? Is the Top Sector also diagnosed with springtime? The historical anamnesis confirms a somewhat staggering start since our birth in 2012, which resulted in a difficult but safe NICU period. Our first few blushes, however, appeared around 2013-2014, covering both cheeks. That was rapidly followed by the motor phases crawling, standing and, after some tumbling, toddling. And nowadays the "kid" is touching nearly everything that comes within reach, fuelled by an improving economy and supported by a governance structure that recently welcomed Pancras Hogendoorn in its Top Team, as the member representative of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres, and André van de Sande and Ruben Wenselaar in the Advisory Board. And the project evaluation and executive office teams have been expanded as well.

These reinforcements are by no means a frivolous luxury, as the youngster’s piggy bank is being filled more and more, both from within the sector by our industrial partners as well as from the government via increased budgetary investments in the Top Sector Policy via arrangements such as the PPP Allowance and MIT. These funds are allowing fresh investments in the R&D of innovative LSH products and services for affordable healthcare. It has also resulted in the launch of many public-private partnerships such as Oncode Institute and IMDI 2.0. And I have not even mentioned the many international events our LSH sector is involved in: BIO Europe Spring, events in India and the USA and we are also reaching out to China through Prime Minister Rutte.

All in all, necessary reinforcements as the Top Sector faces its puberty in the coming years. At the same time complementary laboratory tests, let alone additional invasive examinations and biopsies, are not needed: LSH is blossoming this spring! So get out and enjoy it!        

With kind regards,

Nico van Meeteren, Executive director of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

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