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Call for SME Innovation Top 100

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Health~Holland Webinar: the SME gets the floor

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Venture Challenge Spring 2018 kick-off: Meet the teams

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The Dutch Chamber of Commerce calls for all innovative entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses to register for the 13th SME Innovation Top 100: the most beautiful innovation display window in the Netherlands. SMEs can register until 27 April.

In previous editions, participation in the SME Innovation Top 100 has been beneficial to most nominees.Jan Minnee of Retourplaza from Amsterdam calls his place in the SME Innovation Top 100 of 2017 a great, independent confirmation: "It is a hallmark of trust." Willem-Jan Lamers of Accerion from Venlo is honoured to be included in this important list. The nomination for the SME Innovation Top 100 and the 9th place achieved by the company gave a lot of media exposure as well as new contact and leads. Last year, Greentom from Maastricht won the first place with the world's greenest stroller.

Power of the initiative

The nominations are assessed on turnover, growth potential, originality and impact for industry and society.The innovation must be on the market.There is no prize money attached to the SME Innovation Top 100.However, the strength of the initiative is to show what SMEs are capable of.Over the past twelve years, this award has grown to become the largest and most important innovation prize for SMEs.The 100 companies and their innovations will be announced in alphabetical order on 25 June, during a presentation at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.On 20 September, the Chamber of Commerce will show the ranking of the 100 companies during a festive gathering.


In May, expert panels for the various sectors will assess the nominations.After this preselection, the national jury determines the ranking.The jury will draw on the nominations of the experts.The jury also looks at the websites of the companies and conducts research.

There are many Life Sciences & Health SMEs representing the power of our beautiful sector. Interested in registration for the SME Innovation Top 100? Please register here

The SME gets the floor: highlighting the PPP Allowance

SMEs active in the Life Sciences & Health sector are continuously searching for suitable ways to fund their R&D project. The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Allowance Regulation of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) aims to provide funding for consortia consisting of at least one company and one research organisation/knowledge institute. 

The webinar will discuss the details of this funding opportunity, specifically for SMEs. You will gain insights into the advantages of the PPP Allowance Regulation for SMEs, learn how to find the right consortium partner(s), learn how to deal with IP issues, obtain advice on how to collaborate with technology transfer offices (TTOs) and find out what other funding opportunities are available for SMEs. 

As a seasoned biotech entrepreneur and chairman a.i. of the Top Team LSH, Hans Schikan, will host the webinar. A guest speaker, an SME CEO, will elaborate on his past experience with the PPP Allowance and PPP Allowance expert, Jolande Zijlstra, will provide all details of the PPP Allowance Regulation. During this interactive webinar, there will be ample opportunity to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to register and join us online!


  • Hans Schikan (Chair), seasoned biotech entrepreneur and chairman a.i. of the Top Team Life Sciences & Health
  • An SME CEO (guest) who successfully deployed the PPP Allowance
  • Jolande Zijlstra (guest), innovation manager of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health and PPP Allowance expert

The Health~Holland webinar is scheduled on 24 May from 16.00-17.00, well in advance of the deadline of the new call for PPP Allowance proposals of 15 October.

Register at the Online Seminar website for the webinar.

Broadcast Language: Dutch

Venture Challenge Spring 2018 kick-off: Meet the teams

 Chretien Herben, Programme Director LS@W: "The first workshop was a great succes. The cross-fertilisation between the teams and the valuable interactive feedback rounds gave the start of the Venture Challenge Spring 2018 an extra boost."

Interested in participating in this specialised coaching programme to develop your idea into a solid business case? Visit the LifeSciences@Work website for more information and apply now for the Venture Challenge Fall 2018! The LifeSciences@Work Accelerator is powered by Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health.