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Call for Big Data research for prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases 

The Dutch Heart Foundation, NWO, ZonMw, the Top Sector LSH (Health~Holland) and the Netherlands eScience Center are joining forces to develop a public-private research programme under the umbrella of the Big Data research platform Commit2Data. A work meeting is being organised for the preparation of project proposals.

Target research programme on cross over Big Data & Health

The aim of the programme is to make use of new and existing connections between life sciences and health, data science and the creative industry for the development of new approaches in the prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases. Citizens and patients play a crucial role in this. The Knowledge and Innovation Agendas of ICTLSH, and Creative Industry and the principles of vital functioning and positive health are the guiding principles.

Goal of research projects

The programme will consist of four to six different public-private scientific research projects with a scope of approximately 1.5 million euros (per project). Each project should answer important questions about prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases and contains scientific research in the field of data science and the creative industry. These projects are partly financed by a company and civil society organisations (under certain conditions).

Goal of work meeting

The work meeting is organised to give public-private consortia the opportunity to form and to take steps towards a project proposal. The frameworks, planning and conditions for the research programme will also be presented during this meeting. Participation of potential applicants and of relevant consortia is strongly recommended. The work meeting will be held on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 July 2018 (with an overnight stay).

For whom is this work meeting?

Public-private consortia that are eligible for a grant consist of at least two different university departments, a company or civil society organisation, citizens or patients and one or more eScience Research Engineers appointed at the Netherlands eScience Center. The work meeting is therefore intended for: 

  • Scientists from medicine, health sciences, life sciences, ICT, mathematics, and social sciences and humanities 
  • Companies and social organisations active in this field 
  • Citizens and patients

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Join this interactive Big Data and Health work meeting. You can register until 15 May 2018 via the registration form. Not present but interested in the call? Let us know and send an email to