Watch the new Health~Holland webinar on Internationalisation & Export

Everything you always wanted to know about Internationalisation & Export (but were afraid to ask)

On Tuesday 31 October 2017, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) hosted a webinar on the ins and outs of internationalisation and export. Maintaining health and vitality is a worldwide challenge, which provides companies with business opportunities at an international level. But how can you seize these opportunities? If you are (thinking of) going abroad and don’t know where to start then watch the webinar and learn some valuable lessons in just one hour!

Hans Schikan, seasoned biotech entrepreneur and member of the Top Team LSH, hosted this third webinar with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs in realising their international ambitions. Panel members Len de Jong, CEO Enraf-Nonius, and Peter Post, Managing Director Task Force Health Care, unravelled some secrets of taking your business across Dutch borders. During the webinar the panel members addressed the most common pitfalls, personal anecdotes and real-life examples based on their experience of helping more than 500 Dutch healthcare SMEs.

So, are you (thinking of) going abroad? Are your international sales stagnating? Or don’t you know where to start? Make sure you check out this new webinar from the Top Sector LSH. The webinar is an informative and accessible way of inspiring organisations with some export tips and tricks. The webinar is now available online via this online link (broadcast language: Dutch).

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