Update Create Health 

Creative Industry and Life Sciences & Health join forces. Read more on the latest developments of this crossover.


Meeting Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport

Recently, a delegation of the Top Sector Creative Industry met the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers, to discuss innovations in healthcare. One of the focus points was how to better anticipate the needs of people in healthcare, involve the end user and implement healthcare products and services. Innovations in healthcare can be targeted faster when the creative industry is involved from an early stage. Together with Minister Schippers the delegation discussed how the creative industry can contribute to current healthcare issues. Among others the creative industry focuses on crossovers with life sciences and health.


Calls & Projects

Create Health is the first crossover of Top Sector Creative Industry and Life Sciences & Health. With the first bottom-up call for innovative eHealth solutions for people with dementia, two proposals were awarded a total of 1.5 million euros. These two public-private partnerships will deliver their innovations by 2018 the latest. One of these projects is the FIT project, which offers a decision tool to create a tailored, personal package of solutions for people with dementia, their carers and care specialists. The second project is Roodkapje, a serious game for loved ones of people with dementia. This game will help them to easily provide care together.



This autumn ZonMw and NWO will launch a new call ‘Create Health with eHealth’ worth 3 million euros. This call will fund new research that address the three focal points of Create Health, namely homecare and self management, preventing overweight, and preventing loneliness. On 7 June a special Create Health network event will introduce this new call. Please visit the website for further information about this.

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