Access to Funding

Successful first Health~Holland Webinar

Securing funding is a well-known hurdle to many entrepreneurs active in the life sciences. The Top sector supports entrepreneurs to overcome this hurdle and therefore organised its first Health~Holland webinar titled ‘Everything you always wanted to know about Access to Capital (but were afraid to ask!)’. Top Team member and biotech entrepreneur Hans Schikan and entrepreneur and venture capitalist Dinko Valerio discussed these topics with reference to their personal experiences acquired during their careers.

Via the chat, viewers were able to ask the speakers in the studio all sorts of questions: the pros and cons of venture capital (VC), what to take into account when looking for a VC, the interest of venture capitalists, and the value of patient participation.

‘What should you take into account when you are looking for the right VC, because they all look alike?’

Thanks to the openness and expertise of Schikan and Valerio, the webinar was accessible and informative for every life sciences entrepreneur.

‘Is the venture capitalist's task to educate the entrepreneur?’

The webinar is a successful first pilot that we think should be continued. Did you miss the broadcast and are you curious about the VC possibilities in the life sciences? You can still watch the webinar via this website. Would you like to stay informed about upcoming webinars, or do you want to come up with a topic for the next edition? Then please let the Top Sector know.

Please watch the webinar via or by clicking on the picture below.

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