Health~Holland International (HHINT) Starter

Support Programme for SMEs with international ambitions. 

Do you have international aspirations that you want to realise quickly? Then the HHINT Starter Programme can help you to achieve your ambitions.

What is HHINT Starter?

Dutch Life Sciences & Health SMEs can successfully boost the export opportunities of their innovations abroad if they have the right support. The HHINT Starter programme will therefore provide the guidance and support that starting healthcare entrepreneurs need to realise their ambitions in international business. Task Force Health Care (TFHC) launched the programme on 10 March 2016 on behalf of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health.

HHINT Starter is a 12-month guidance programme that fully supports innovative entrepreneurs during their international exploration. It encompasses:

  1. Co-creation of a thorough but practical "export support plan”.
  2. Availability of a consultant and sector specialist throughout the process, value of € 10,000 euros.
  3. Better understanding of the (relevant) foreign market.
  4. More insight into the Dutch Top Sector Life Sciences & Health with regard to international business.
  5. The opportunity to reimburse the costs (related to your export target), with a max. value of €4,500 euros.
  6. Various meetings with other entrepreneurs in the network to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Why HHINT Starter?

At the moment a lot of new healthcare solutions and inventions are developed in The Netherlands. To turn these meaningful ‘smart solutions’ into internationally successful innovation which solve ‘shared challenges’ the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health developed the HHINT Starter programme.

The objective of HHINT Starter is to increase the amount of internationally successful Dutch Life Sciences & Health SMEs!

Who can apply?

The HHINT Starter programme is for start-ups or SMEs that satisfy these criteria: 

  1. Active in the Life Sciences & Health sector and provide (innovative) products or services that contribute to public health.
  2. Registered company in the Netherlands (KvK registration).
  3. Clear international ambition.
  4. Less than 15 FTE.
  5. Less than 5 million euros in sales per year, of which 75% for export.

What are the costs?

Apart from the time investment the 'out of pocket' investment for the participants is limited. In addition, participants will receive a 50% to 100% reimbursement covering out- of-pocket costs (to a maximum of € 4,500 euros) related to your "HHINT export support plan’’ (please note, this does not include any expenses for your travel and stay).


Each year a maximum of 18 HHINT starters can participate in this programme, so make sure you apply on time! If there are more applications than places available then Health~Holland reserves the right to make a selection and final choice.


Apply now!

Interested in the programme and want to know more? Please contact TFHC via e-mail. Or apply directly via the website.