​The Top Sector LSH Crossovers continue….

The LSH crossover strategy is increasingly coming to life. Read more about the latest developments of the crossovers of Top Sector LSH.


During the Smart Industry Event on 4 February more than 700 representatives from business, knowledge institutions and government met and discussed our future smart industry. At the event ICT and Top Sector LSH announced their collaboration. In addition, under the umbrella of “Smart Industry” a proposal for a ICT-LSH Field Lab was submitted in the third week of March (see the video for an impression of it event). In this intended field lab ICT and LSH jointly will establish the innovative technology and its application in future proof eHealth for citizens. That is based on FAIR principles and from the perspective of the Personal Health Train (see the video).

In a joint initiative with FOM, NWO and the Top Sectors Agri & Food, Chemistry, HTSM and Horticulture & Starting Materials, the call for public-private proposals for “Building Blocks of Life” is recently published. Read more about the call in this update.

In addition, Top Sector LSH and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will launch an SBIR in March-April where businesses from the Top Sectors Creative Industry, HTSM, Logistics and LSH are invited to come up with innovative ideas for new infrastructure to establish an activating hospital ward and room environment.

Apart from these two concrete initiatives, LSH is exploring possibilities for mutual cooperation with  the Top Sectors Agri & Food, Chemistry, Energy and Horticulture & Starting Materials.