Public private partnerships

TKI allowance for Health Foundations

In January of this year the Ministry of Economic Affairs changed the regulations regarding the TKI allowance, by simplifying the rules. The new regulation makes it more easy to invest in R&D initiatives. Therefore, the adjusted regulation encouraged Health~Holland to establish close contact with several Dutch health foundations.

In the new TKI regulations, health foundations have the possibility to apply for TKI allowance. By generating TKI basefunding, Health~Holland can provide a certain amount of TKI allowance to fund new public private projects. To be able to apply for TKI allowance the TKI basefunding should be filed before the 1st of September 2015. The conditions for the TKI allowance can be found on the Health~Holland website.

The Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) is one of the health foundations that is in contact with Health~Holland. In the near future a call will open by Health~Holland and the Hartstichting. Health~Holland will keep you updated on these developments via this bimonthly Health~Holland Update and the website.