Health~Holland Update July 2015

In this Health~Holland Update we inform you on latests developments in the Dutch top sector LSH. We highlight the world’s first reimbursement of an innovative sleep apnea device and we introduce the newly established Value Centre and Life Sciences Funding Database. Furthermore we report on the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia with BIO Superhero Treeway and present to you the winner of the Health~Holland Venture Challenge. 


Focus on the sector

The previous two months the top team and executive office of Health~Holland (top sector LSH) were devoted to finalize the Knowledge & Innovation Agenda 2016-2019. In June Health~Holland was proud to present the Agenda to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the sector. It describes the sector’s strategic headlines for the upcoming years. We are grateful for all the input we received on the Agenda and are pleased with the end result. Now a new challenge lies ahead that will keep us busy in the summer months. Before the end of September we will translate the agenda into the Innovation contract 2016-2017.

The Life Sciences & Health sector is one of the broadest and most diversified sectors. From prevention and diagnostics to cure and care, from medtech to biotech, from pharma to healthcare. The variety indicates the importance of the sector. 

It is our job as a top sector to bring some focus.

In our Knowledge and Innovation Agenda we made a good start, by focussing on three pillars: Fundamental Life Sciences Research, Applied and Practice-based Health and Functioning Science research and Built environment, and ICT infrastructure. Within the innovation contracts we will have to add even more focus, so we can spend our valuable time efficiently and effectively. 

In addition to our governance efforts, we built on our internationalisation strategies these months. We joined the economic mission to the US headed by Minister Schippers, with a special programme on Healthy Ageing. Furthermore, we organised the welcoming drinks on the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. We are proud to see that during these events the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector was greatly united under the Health~Holland umbrella.

Wishing you a wonderful summer,

Jan Raaijmakers
Chairman of the top team Life Sciences & Health