Create Health Call

In 2014 the top sectors Creative Industry and Life Sciences & Health started their cooperation in the Create Health Programme. Both top sectors made a budget available to further work on this cross-over project.

ZonMw, Health~Holland (top sector LSH) and CLICKNL (top sector Creative Industry) opened a joint call on 1 June: the Create Health call ‘Prolonged self-dependent functioning of patients with dementia’. The Create Health call is open for public private partnerships in the field of creative industry and dementia, applications can be submitted until the 29 September 2015. The call focuses on a broad spectrum of innovation: from apps, games, robotics to smart buildings, smart fabrics, materials, support devices and intervention strategies, etc. Go to the Create Health Call on the ZonMw website or the Health~Holland website for more specific information or for application.


The kick-off matchmaking event between public and private partners of the top sectors Creative Industry and LSH took place on 4 June and was a great success. About 50 participants came together to propose and discuss (potential) joint  projects in the area of e-health and dementia.

For those who still want to meet partners and missed the matchmaking event a LinkedIn group is set up. There you can specify what you have to offer or how you would like to contribute.