Access to Funding

Introducing the Health~Holland Value Centre

The LifeSciences@Work Startup Accelerator Programme (LS@W) has launched - in close collaboration with MedTechPartners and supported by Health-Holland  (Topsector Life Sciences & Health) - the Health˜Holland Value Centre. During the Dutch Life Sciences SME event in Rijswijk on June 4th the official kick-off took place.  

The Health~Holland Value Centre helps startup companies with growth ambitions active in life sciences and medical technology. Core activities are focused to improve business cases and thereby accelerate market introduction or market expansion.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a Value Centre Voucher. This application includes a ‘business case-check-up’ by the experienced advisors. With this check-up strengths and weaknesses of the business case are elaborated in order to define the best direction to use the voucher.

Using the voucher will not only mean gaining knowledge on the most valuable topics or bringing in custom-made expertise, it also means that a strong network is created around the entrepreneur and his company. 

Examples of voucher use are reimbursement issues, clinical trials, health technology assessment or finding funds and investors. 

The first company, Inreda Diabetic, has already taken advantage of the Value Centre services. This startup is developing an artificial pancreas for diabetic patients. Inreda uses the Value Centre voucher to perform a cost-effectiveness study of Inreda’s innovation. By doing so, Inreda is able to build a strong business model with a clear perspective on the costs and benefits of their innovation and how this relates to similar innovations. This information can be crucial for health insurance companies to reimburse the artificial pancreas.