Knowledge & Innovation Agenda 2016-2019

With pride, Health~Holland presents the Knowledge & Innovation Agenda 2016-2019 ‘Health~Holland, Pro~Motion’. In the Agenda the sector’s strategic headlines for the upcoming years are described.

From February until June 2015 three draft versions were published on our website open for comments from the entire sector. In addition a consultation meeting with key stakeholders was held to obtain their feedback. The input of the sector was tremendous and helped to form the K&I Agenda to an agenda inspired by the complete sector.

In essence the Agenda centres around the Top Sector’s core tasks of facilitating and stimulating the operational critical success factor: R&D in public-private partnerships. R&D initiatives are embedded in three programmatic pillars: (I) Fundamental Life Sciences Research, (II) Applied and Practice-Based Health and Functioning Science Research and (III) Built Environment, ICT-infrastructure and Concept and System Development.

Health~Holland aims to initiate and facilitate the organisation and operations of R&D initiatives through matching a science-based technology push with a market and sociocultural pull in a sustainable knowledge and innovation infrastructure.

The K&I Agenda is the guidance for the development of the Knowledge & Innovation Contract 2016-2017 that will see light in September 2015. Download the K&I Agenda on the Health~Holland website and contact us when necessary with respect to the Knowledge & Innovation Contract 2016-2017.

Follow developments regarding the K&I Contract on our website We will share updates on the progress as of week 28.