Dutch strength

Research infrastructure

Collaboration in the quadruple helix

The Netherlands has a strong, interconnected, research infrastructure, anchored by public-private partnerships (PPP). PPP is the hallmark of the top sector approach. Within this Dutch Diamond Approach citizens, researchers, government and entrepreneurs - the quadruple helix - collaborate to valorise knowledge.

Within these partnerships, teams of experts and institutes combine interdisciplinary research bases, creativity and resources in robust, long-term (inter)national collaborations and are set up for fundamental, experimental and industrial research. By initiating and stimulating interdisciplinary research and development in PPPs, the Dutch strive for innovative moon shots that will contribute to improving healthcare and economic growth.

As a result of the top sector approach, funding for PPPs increased exponentially in recent years. Not only existing partnerships were able to grow, but also new PPPs were started, ranging from diagnostics, medical devices and (bio-) pharmaceuticals to hospital design. All PPPs supported by the Top Sector contribute to a joint vision: vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy.

“Excellent and accessible nationwide infrastructure of knowledge, a long-standing tradition of public private partnerships and a multidisciplinary approach with a strong focus on the end user make the Dutch LSH sector distinctive on a global scale.” – Len de Jong, CEO Enraf Nonius, SME Member of Top Team LSH

For example, the regenerative medicine initiative (RegMedXB) focusses on a cure for diabetes, arthrosis and kidney failure via the principle of restoring degenerated, diseased or damaged tissue and organs. The Oncode Institute is dedicated to understand cancer and translating research into practice, while the national Health-RI initiative aims to establish an interconnected infrastructure for Dutch personalised health research.

All in all, the Netherlands offers an aligned national and international ecosystem to bring about technological progress and social innovation to deliver breakthroughs in healthcare.