Interview Verkamman

The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector: sustaining the future of healthcare together

The life sciences & health sector is living up to its promises. Thanks to innovative medicines, vaccines and therapies the sector is able to offer patients new perspectives. Our sector’s great work allows patients to regain their lives, to participate in society, both at work and at home.

Still, there are plenty of challenges ahead. Although the life sciences sector is working tirelessly to contribute to a better life for those in need, patients are awaiting effective treatments around the globe. The road from bench to bedside is long, risky and expensive and the healthcare budget is under pressure. In order to maintain and improve our high standards of care, joining forces is critical.

"In order to maintain and improve our high standards of care, joining forces is critical."

In the Netherlands, collaboration is in our genes. In a joint effort, the Dutch are pioneering solutions that combine health, affordability and innovation: organoid and organ-on-a-chip technology to realise better disease models, FAIR data technology unleashing the power of our research infrastructure, and public-private partnerships such as Oncode Institute and RegMed XB that bundle scientific excellence and best practices in valorisation, to name a few.

BIO-Europe Spring in Amsterdam puts the Dutch life sciences & health sector in the spotlights. Our bold entrepreneurs and clever scientists, exemplary patient representatives and progressive policy makers. Powered by Health~Holland, we proudly present the Dutch frontrunners and their solutions to sustain the future of drug development.

We are looking forward to an inspiring, energising and fun BIO-Europe Spring in Amsterdam. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the Health~Holland Pavillion, the orange heart of BIO-Europe Spring’s exhibition floor!

See you in Amsterdam,

Annemiek Verkamman, Managing Director of HollandBIO, the Dutch biotech industry organisation

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Bio-Europe Spring 2018
March 12-14, 2018, one of Europe’s largest and most successful partnering conferences for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, BIO-Europe Spring, will be heading for Amsterdam, the new location of the EMA. It offers various opportunities to engage with global life sciences partners via networking, partnering meetings, panel discussions and more.

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