Dutch strength


A fertile breeding ground for start-ups and SMEs in the Life Sciences & Health sector.

The Netherlands is a fertile breeding ground for start-ups and SMEs and is named the number 3 best country for business in the world! In addition, Forbes also ranks the Netherlands highly among best countries for innovation and technology.

The Netherlands is all about boosting entrepreneurship, within accelerators, innovation hubs and campuses. We offer numerous support programs that benefit start-ups and scale-ups, ranging from funding to consultancy and education. The Netherlands opts for a national ecosystem in which innovative start-ups can flourish to evolve into companies with international impact.

Our country is home to leading venture capital funds. Dutch companies are great dealmakers, as demonstrated by their track record in attracting investments, closing partnerships and realizing exits. The unprecedented height of the private investments in Dutch SMEs, 4.4 billion euro in 2015, confirms the quality of the Dutch life sciences and health sector.

Given the fast growth of the sector, we rest assured that success will continue in 2018.

The Dutch Life Science Database

Search the Dutch Life Science Database and identify potential partners in the Dutch Biotech, Pharma and Medtech industry. The database is an information platform comprising data of Life Sciences companies and institutes in the Netherlands.

Dutch biotech companies in the Netherlands: