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Scyfer receives FICHe funding for medical imaging platform

Selected out of 300 European applications, Scyfer is one of the five Dutch companies to obtain funding to develop an e-health solution. 

Scyfer, a spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam, has received €217,000 of funding from the European FICHe e-health accelerator. The FICHe programme challenges European SMEs and start-ups to develop innovative e-health applications and create sustainable business models. At the end of July the FICHe programme announced the twenty companies that will enter the final stage of the programme and five are Dutch companies. Paul Pelsmaeker, founder of the European FICHe accelerator:

"We are all very excited about the outcome of the evaluation. All twenty selected companies have superb market potential and that really motivates the FICHe team and coaches to help them grow over the next seven months."

Scyfer will use the funding to help develop their deep-learning platform for analysing medical images for the detection of degenerative brain diseases in 3D-MRI. They use smart algorithms for automatic image recognition.

The algorithms can detect patterns that help to identify and highlight abnormalities. This information makes it easier for the specialist to establish a diagnosis. According to the FICHe committee, this technology will not just improve healthcare but also considerably reduce costs. 

Jorgen Sandig, general manager of Scyfer:

“The FICHe funding will help us to speed up the developments needed to launch our product on the health market. We will focus on the working processes in diagnostic centres and then develop the technical solution that can bring real benefit in the day-to-day workflow of a radiologist. Our goal is to help speed up tedious and boring work so that the radiologist can spend more time on complex cases. This will save valuable time, provide patients with quick results, reduce costs and make the work of radiologists more interesting. We are now focusing on the relatively simple cases with large volume and on creating buy in with the radiologists. After that we can co-develop higher level support for their day-to-day work through the application of more advanced deep-learning technology.”

Other Dutch companies that have been selected by the FICHe e-health accelerator are Px Healthcare, Clinical Graphics, Bteawerk, Inbiolab.