International Opportunities and Export Support

Recently, the Task Force Health Care (TFHC) published two important reports on international business opportunities and export support. These reports are informative for Dutch Life Sciences & Health companies that want to enter the international market. 

The first report, which TFHC published for their members and network, addresses the International Opportunities and Bottlenecks in international business. TFHC makes every effort to support Dutch companies when they do business across the border. It is important to clarify that organisations need to recognise the opportunities and problems so that the interests of TFHC members can be aligned. The study shows that the vast majority of companies are exporting to more than one country, thereby increasing their international market. Additionally, a positive trend can be seen in the number of companies exporting to more than 25 countries. Furthermore, results from the past few years demonstrate that the top-10 export markets are reasonably stable. For many years, the neighbouring European countries of Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium have formed a traditional top-3 for exports. 

In addition, current export markets, future growth countries and export opportunities worldwide should be investigated. For more detailed results read the full report here

Besides international opportunities, TFHC in collaboration with FME (trade association for the technology industry) has created a brief and clear overview on export support for SMEs. This overview explains the different grants schemes and other tools the Dutch government offers in the area of international business. The aim of this report is to create a better understanding of the quantity and diversity of supportive government instruments in international business. The Dutch government supports a wide variety of export activities and cooperation and solves issues, e.g. financial bottlenecks or other obstacles, which an international entrepreneur can come up against. The complete overview can be found here.