International Healthcare Opportunities Event 

On 8 September 2015, the Task Force Health Care (TFHC) organised an event for Dutch Life Sciences & Health organisations that are active internationally. The ’International Healthcare Opportunities’ event in Nieuwegein was attended by more than 100 guests. Topics of the day: ’How to Export Europe’s best Healthcare System’, the healthcare market in Nigeria, and opportunities for business and cooperation in India. Furthermore, there were plenty of opportunities for networking.

For the first special guest Johan Hjertqvist, Founder and President of the Swedish Health Consumer Powerhouse was invited to the event. The Netherlands is consistently ranked in the top three of their leading healthcare systems ranking ‘Euro Health Consumer Index’ and has even taken the number 1 position for the last three years.  

Advice top export: Dutch

LSH, be good and tell it 

Hjertqvist guided the audience through the study results during his presentation entitled “The Netherlands - the Reluctant Healthcare Champion of Europe”. The Netherlands might be a big healthcare spender, but the relative return on quality and accessibility outperforms countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and France. 

Hjertqvist: ”Successful national practice provides important experience”. And by reflecting upon ’how to Export Europe’s best Healthcare System’ he emphasised that ”success only makes a difference  when recognised”. 

He pointed towards the UK and their worldwide highly promoted ’NHS system’ as an example of a healthcare system that is heavily outperformed by the Netherlands. He raised the question as to why the ’Best in the Class’ keeps such a low profile.

In the subsequent interactive session Johan Hjertqvist joined Thijs Teeling (chairman Task Force Health Care) and Daphne Dernison (Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport) to discuss with the audience how the Netherlands can build upon its strengths and how it can better export a number 1 healthcare system. Task Force Health Care together with Health~Holland will continue to combine strengths within the Netherlands to further define, communicate, diffuse and utilise our unique selling points.

Twice a year, Task Force Health Care organises an event focussing on two international healthcare opportunities. The next event is scheduled for 10 March 2016.

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