Create Health continues

The crossover with Top Sector Creative Industry

On 7 June 2016, a broad Create Health network meeting was held in the Bartholomeus Gasthuis in Utrecht. About 60-70 people attended the event and many had a background in the creative industry. The purpose of this meeting was to inform the parties about the state of the two projects from the Create Health call 2015-2017. This call was developed in 2015/2016 by good cooperation between the two Top Sectors Creative Industry (CLICKNL) and Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland).

Two granted projects

The two granted projects are FIT and Roodkapje and both were presented at the Create Health network meeting.


FIT is a broad consortium of 19 parties chaired by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The parties from the Amsterdam region and the region Gooi and Vecht come from the creative industry (SMEs), health sector, knowledge institutions and the Alzheimer's Foundation. The project focuses on people with dementia and they actively took part in the development process. They were interviewed in living labs, participated in co-design sessions and participated in the test environment. The knowledge of usable solutions will be widely shared with all involved stakeholders (people with dementia, carers and healthcare institutions) to achieve final appropriate packages. The companies ensures that current products and services will be improved and that new products and/or services will provide better solutions.


Roodkapje is a game that elicited a public debate about the elderly and their ability to live independently. The game is being developed by a consortium chaired by the University Medical Center Groningen together with creative agency IJsfontein (among others know from the abcdeSIM) and various parties from the Northern Netherlands.

During the meeting Roodkapje presented their consortium workflow and alignment. Being able to build sustainable consortia is an important precondition for the success of a project.

Following both Top Sectors TKI offices Bart Ahsmann and Nico van Meeteren were interviewed by Walter Amerika, director of centre of expertise creative industry UCREATE. Both men underlined the importance of building sustainable consortia. These kind consortia can really contribute smart solutions to shared challenges. These system changes are crucial for a real contribution to both sectors.

The meeting ended with Inge Valstar, programme secretary of ZonMw, who shed some light on the new Create Health call from ZonMw and NWO. The new call will focus on all three themes within the Create Health programme: living longer independently with dementia, prevention of obesity and prevention of loneliness. For this call more than 3 million euros will be available for research matched with private contributions. The call is now being prepared by ZonMw and NWO and will be open later this year. More information will be published on the Health~Holland website or in forthcoming Updates.

Holland High Tech Roadmap Event 'Global Challenges, Joint Solutions'

To explore opportunities at the interface of Top Sectors Top Sector Life Sciences & Health takes part in the Holland High Tech Roadmap event 2016. Researchers and engineers from all top sectors are invited to participate.

Sign up at: The event will take place on 13 September at conference center 1931 in 's-Hertogenbosch.

HDHL-INTIMIC – the 2nd ERA-Net Cofund within JPI HDHL is on its way