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MS Research Call in collaboration with Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

Since 2015 Top Sector LSH has worked closely together with the Dutch Health Foundations. To enhance the structural collaboration between the health foundations and the LSH industry a Get Together meeting was organised on 12 May this year. This afternoon resulted in many new contacts, but also in new targeted calls boosted by the 15 million euros of TKI allowance for new public-private partnerships. One of those calls that is currently open for application is the MS Research call.


Applications need to meet the requirements of both the TKI-LSH allowance and of the Dutch MS Research Foundation. In a nutshell these conditions include:

  • A public-private partnership;
  • Both parties need to contribute in cash and/or in kind;
  • Proposed projects must fit within the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2016-2019 of Top Sector LSH;
  • Project needs to be completed before 31 December 2020;
  • Research needs to contribute to one or more of the objectives of MS Research Foundation: improving the quality of life of people with MS; improving the prognosis and diagnosis of MS; finding the causes of MS; developing a treatment for MS;
  • The project needs to be a joint initiative, confirmed by a signed collaboration agreement.

Please visit the website of the Dutch MS Research Foundation or Health~Holland to find more information on the call. The call closes on 2 September 2016 (12.00 hours).

Future calls
Are you interested in the funding opportunities that the Dutch Health Foundations and Top Sector LSH have to offer? Then please visit the Health~Holland website for the latest information on calls from the foundations and funding opportunities from Top Sector LSH.

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