TFHC International Opportunities Report

Which foreign markets are open to international opportunities for the Dutch LSH sector? In which countries do healthcare companies encounter the majority of their export barriers?

These kind of questions and many others are analysed in the latest edition of the annual TFHC International Opportunities Report. This research report is specifically published for the Dutch Life Sciences & Healthcare (LSH) sector. The objective is to provide a clear overview of the opportunities and barriers in the international health sector, as currently experienced by Dutch LSH organisations.

Task Force Health Care, the not-for profit platform for the Dutch LSH sector, is committed to stimulating cooperation and knowledge sharing for the purpose of consolidating strengths within the Dutch healthcare sector. 

Moreover, TFHC supports international business opportunities and presents and positions the Netherlands abroad to increase Dutch involvement in global and local healthcare challenges.

The results of this study help to ensure that the interests of the Dutch LSH sector are brought to attention of policy makers in The Hague and Europe. In addition, the research influences the setting of priorities and the appropriate designing of services for the partners. We hope that you benefit from this survey's results!

This report has been realised in cooperation with FME (trade association for the technology industry).

Find the report on the website of TFHC. 

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