Health~Holland Update September 2016

With this first Update after the summer period we inform you on the latest developments in the always thriving Dutch LSH sector. Read about our Human Capital Agenda and the new Investment Agenda by the Dutch Knowledge Coalition. Make sure to register in time for the events highlighted in this update. And read the views of SGF chairman Tom Oostrom (Dutch Kidney Foundation) and SGF boardmember Hanneke Dessing (Dutch Diabetes Foundation) on cooperation with public and private partners. Enjoy!

Foreword Huib pols 

“Wouldn't it be nice”

As readers of this news-update you will probably all know the Beach Boys song Wouldn’t it be nice?, as many of you will have grown up with the sound and lyrics. As the sciences member of the Board of the Top Sector, but in this respect all the more as Rector of Rotterdam’s Erasmus University I particularly like one specific phrase in this song, namely: You know it seems the more we talk about it, it only makes it worse to live without it.

Those with Dutch as their native tongue may recognise in this phrase the typical Rotterdam slogan in the classic Feijenoord song Geen woorden, maar daden! (No words, but actions!). And that slogan represents exactly what I like so much about our country and the Dutch Top Sectors, including our Life Sciences and Health Top Sector: actions!

See for yourself in this update. So many actions of LSH colleagues are leading to success: societal, economic and scientific in both the national and international arenas. Ten potential National Icons have been preselected, three of which stem from LSH: Synthon and Lighthouse, both involved in fundamental cancer research diagnostics, and Microsure, to improve microsurgical operations. In November, young men and women will present themselves and their innovative teams in the next Venture Challenge, to leading experts in the field.

Both initiatives that have helped to construct the Dutch National Research Agenda, an intriguing document of joint research and development actions. The colleagues of the LSH-TKI-bureau, with a special taskforce under the supervision of Geri Bonhof, recently created the Human Capital Agenda for the sector as well.

My hope for the near future is that the next updates will likewise be filled up with items concerning innovative cure and care as well as new fundamental insights and interventions from outside our sector. I know that many of you share this wish as well. Here we can have good faith, as the Top Team and Advisory Board discussed the topic of prevention recently during an informative meeting in Nijmegen with colleagues from Health Valley. Soon action will be started to come up with a public-private partnership, as a successor to the National Prevention Plan Alles is gezondheid... (All is Health).

Having bright and inspiring actions on prevention is certainly a good idea as that is probably the only way to ensure that the healthcare system remains affordable. Wouldn’t that be nice? Curious to see what is in the next news updates. I would like to call upon you all: Geen woorden, maar daden! It only makes it worse to live without it! 

With kind regards,

Huib Pols
Top Team member Life Sciences & Health