Public private partnerships

Lygature: Pioneering Medicine Together

CTMM and TI Pharma, the two largest public-private top institutes in the Dutch top sector Life Sciences & Health, have joined forces and will continue as Lygature as of January 1, 2016.The new website that reflects Lygature’s character went live early November.

Lygature drives the development of new medical solutions for patients by managing public-private partnerships (PPPs). A key ingredient of successful PPPs is an independent third party that builds trust, provides governance and transcends barriers. This is exactly where Lygature comes in.

Innovation in health increasingly depends on cooperative ventures between public organizations, authorities and private enterprises. The sheer complexity of public-private partnerships can often jeopardize very desirable R&D programs, and Lygature addresses this complexity. Our people are highly skilled professionals with experience in academic and industrial settings, regulatory affairs, data infrastructure, (scientific) communication and more. They add scientific rigor, built trust and ensure that all parties remain focused on the ultimate goal of the partnership: developing effective medical solutions for patients.

With Lygature, the Dutch sector is bundling its strengths in the areas of medicines and medical technology, building on the legacy of two organizations with strong track records in molecular diagnostics (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine) and drug development (Top Institute Pharma). As a larger player, the combined organization will be able to operate more effectively at both a national and a European level. 

Jan Raaijmakers:

‘One of the ambitions of the top sector Life Sciences & Health is to sustain the expertise that has been built up in the top institutes to the sector’s benefit in the future. This ambition is being realized through the bundling of the strengths of CTMM and TI Pharma. The merger therefore represents a significant gain for innovation in Dutch medical science.’