Innovation Contract 2016-2017

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health has finalised the Innovation Contract (IC) for 2016-2017. This contract is in line with the previously published Knowledge & Innovation Agenda (KIA) 2016-2019 and includes an overview of the indicative investments of the sector's stakeholders for the next two years.

From KIA to IC
The overall ambition, as stated in the KIA, is to invest in new evidence-based Life Sciences and Health research & development for vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy. With this in mind, the Top Sector compiled the IC for the next two years. The main focus of the IC is economic growth and societal impact by means of public private partnerships in the Dutch LSH sector and transcending crossovers and international potential through competitiveness and market access. The IC has a total value of about 800 million euros of which a substantial part is contributed by the industry and patient foundations. 

Signing the Innovation Contract
During the festive opening of the Delta Goot of Deltares in Delft on 5 October the chairmen of the nine Top Sectors and the Enabling Technology ICT, industry and entrepreneurs, science organisations, knowledge institutes and the Government of the Netherlands signed the overall Innovation Contract of the nine Top Sectors. On behalf of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health chairman of the Top Team Prof. Jan Raaijmakers signed the contract. In addition to singing, the attendees experienced the first official wave in the Delta Goot. This resulted in wet shoes, socks and suits amongst others for the Ministers and the chairmen.