Health~Holland Update

Recently the top sector Life Sciences & Health announced their new communication channel and international branding: Health~Holland. In this first issue of our news magazine, the Health~Holland Update, we say goodbye to Rob van Leen and introduce Jan Raaijmakers & Nico van Meeteren. Furthermore we update you on the five focus points of the top team LSH: Communication, Public Private Partnerships, Access to Funding, Internationalisation and Cross-overs. Under Agenda you will find upcoming events, as well as information on the new Knowledge and Innovation (K&I)- agenda. 


Farewell Rob van Leen

Rob van Leen has chaired the top team Life Sciences & Health (LSH) for the past three years. With his extensive knowledge of and experience in the LSH sector, he led the top team and the steering group, working on the top sector’s mission: vital citizens in a healthy economy.

In his chairmanship Rob contributed to many of the top sector’s results. Under his guidance the top team and steering group developed a strong strategy with a clear mission, vision and priorities.

His experience in the Life Sciences & Health sector opened many doors and enabled the execution of the strategy.  He personally oversaw the transition of the old top institutes and was a critical voice that focused on improving the Dutch R&D climate. 

One of the recent contributions of Rob was the joint initiative of the Minister of Health Welfare and Sports and Rob to team up to take on the grand societal challenges by linking the strategic research agenda of the topsector with the agenda of the health department. Another result of this cooperation was the very successful international health summit and the launch of Health Holland.

As one of the most iconic Chief Innovation Officers in the Netherlands (he was elected best CIO in 2013), he was able to guide the developments in the Dutch Life Sciences & health field in the right direction.  

Rob van Leen recently decided to retire as chairman of the LSH top team to put all his energy on his current job as CIO at DSM. I personally thank Rob for all his efforts for the top sector. I wish him all the best for his further career and look forward to the cooperation with Jan Raaijmakers who will continue the success on the solid foundations Rob created.

Bertholt Leeftink

Director-General Enterprise and Innovation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs