Create Health 

In 2014 the top sectors Creative Industry and Life Sciences & Health started their cooperation in the Create Health Programme. Both top sectors made a budget available to further work on this cross-over project.

Create Health has a clear goal: 

Supporting longer self-dependent functioning of patient with dementia by means of existing e-Health solutions.

The programme will be further developed by ClickNL, the TKI of Creative Industry, top sector LSH and ZonMw. In an expert meeting on 16 February the possibilities and ambitions were further discussed and formulated. 

Based on this expert meeting the Create Health programme wll focus on the use and continuous development of innovation in the day-to-day activities. The added value of the cross-over -joint expertise- offers opportunities to develop innovations, as well as support their use. This objective is currently being translated into a programme to contribute to the financing of these innovation and user-involvement processes. We expect to present the proposal in the next meeting of the Create Health platform in April.