This festive Health~Holland Update is devoted to the LifeSciences@Work (LS@W) Accelerator Programme. Together we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the startup programme designed for life sciences researchers with entrepreneurial aspirations. In this jubilee edition, we proudly cast our eye back over the past ten years.

From scientist to CEO

An interview with Stefan Braam, CEO of Ncardia.

Facts and figures
Get an overview of the results of the LS@W programme and its national distribution.

Five lessons learned by experience as a CEO of NightBalance

An interview with Eline Vrijland-van Beest, CEO of NightBalance.

LifeSciences@Work Accelerator Programme

Find out how it will work for you!

The drug discovery pipeline: a risky road

An interview with Nathaniel Martin, CEO of Karveel Pharmaceuticals.

LS@W in images
Ten years with lots of activities, events and networking.

Timeline 2008 - 2018
Read more about the developments of the startups over the last ten years.

From a functional business plan to functional foods

An interview with Ruud Albers, CEO of NutriLeads.